Why I started the 365 Design Challenge

After a couple of months (or years) of procrastination (as you can probably tell from this blog) I knew it was time to act. It was time to do something that would get me out if this funk, a funk that had me uninspired and where I felt whatever I designed wasn’t good enough…

Take action

I stumbled across this video from Flux on YouTube, where Ran Segall and Ben Burns talk about going “From $50 Logos To $85k Per Day”. Sounds very interesting AMIRITE? Long story short at the end of the video, Ben Burns says “TAKE ACTION” and that was all I needed.

It might sound stupid but for some reason that really resonated with me. I’m a huge sports guy and I love Nike and their “Just Do It” slogan, but that never worked for me, I’ve said it to myself multiple times, “Yo, you just gotta do it Marijo” … but nope, nothing, nada, zero things were done.

Now what?

What action was I suppose to take? I needed something to keep me motivated, accountable and get my creative juices flowing…on the daily.

I thought of Daniel Carlmatz (Daniel Who?). Daniel is a Swedish designer who challenged himself to create logos using negative space for a year and post them on Instagram every single day!

I immediately knew this was it. It checked all the boxes.

  • Keeps creativity flowing
  • Keeps me motivated
  • Keeps me accountable

Right away, I sketched “Take Action”, made a rule (1 hour a day to create something, even if it sucks) and put it out there. AND Boom, I started, it was happening, just like that!

First Instagram post, Take Action

19 days in

It’s almost been 3 weeks since I’ve started doing this and I’m loving it! I’m pushing myself, trying different styles and most importantly, I’m having fun doing it. Love for graphic design has once again been restored!

You can follow my 365 adventure on Instagram and YouTube where I post “How’s Its made” speed art of every design I create.

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